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Вакансия: Growth Hacker в Лидсканер


Открываем рубрику «Вакансии» на SaaS Dojo! И наша первая вакансия от проекта Лидсканер — системы лидогенерации в социальных сетях. It goes like this:

Friends, LeadScanr is looking for a full-time growth hacker!

Requirements are:

— Has hands-on experience launching and marketing internet products/services (successful or failed);
— Has direct product management and/or marketing experience;
— Fluent with product metrics analysis, feature prioritization, running experiments, getting and analyzing user feedback;
— Has experience with analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, KISSMetrics or Mixpanel, Intercom;
— Hand-on experience with various customer acquisition tools and technics (AdWords, social, viral etc);
— Familiar with «Lean Startup» concept and has his/her own opinion about it;
— Able to work independently, proactively, creatively;
— Reading saasdojo.com regularly 🙂
— Has good English.

If you are the right person for this job — please drop me a message in the skype: alexeyorap and let’s chat. We have a stellar team working on the cutting edge product and need YOU!

P.S. We offer a referral fee for recommendation, so please share!

Update 21/08/2014: Вакансия успешно закрыта!